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Pregnant And Caring For An Elderly Parent? How Assisted Living Services Can Help

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Caring for an aging parent can be an extraordinary task, but add in the pregnancy of the caretaker and the task has just become a monumental struggle. If you're currently pregnant while also caring for your parent full-time, consider bringing in a home health aide to help out. If you need convincing, consider the three reasons below.

1. Home Health Aides Can Do the Heavy Lifting

When you're caring for a bed-bound or wheelchair-bound loved one, there's no doubt a lot of heavy lifting is involved. From trips to the bathroom to frequent repositioning to prevent pressure sores, there's a number of necessary tasks that can be difficult, and even dangerous, for pregnant women.

With the help of an assisted living service provider, such as a home health aide, you can drastically reduce your workload while still ensuring that your parent is getting the best of care. Home health aides can help with a wide range of activities, from bed-to-wheelchair transfers to bathing to toileting. With the help of a home health aide, you will no longer have to worry about the strain of constant lifting on you and your baby.

2. Home Health Aides Can Give You the Break You Need

Caring for an aging parent can be physically and emotionally exhausting. Add your own pregnancy into the mix, and you're sure to be at your physical and emotional limits. When you bring a health aide into the home, however, you can take the break you need while also knowing that your parent is in good hands.

Whether you need to keep up with your pre-natal appointments, or you simply need time to unwind and relax, calling in a home health aide may be just what the doctor's ordered. If you're concerned about handing all of your parent's care over, keep in mind that you can work with the home health agency to hire just the right amount of help you need. From one afternoon a week to round-the-clock care, you can tailor the level of care exactly to your and your parent's needs.

3. Home Health Aides Can Help You to Pick Up the Slack

Between caring for your elderly parent and preparing for the arrival of a new baby, you're likely stretched thin. When you bring in a home health aide, they can help you to pick up the slack so you can tackle some of those non-essential tasks for your parent.  

There's a lot of work that goes into caring for an aging loved one, and sometimes your day is full of necessary tasks such as preparing foods, bathing, and toileting. If you bring in a home health aide to help you with those necessary care tasks, you can begin to tackle the non-essential chores that you've been meaning to get to but have been putting off. Perhaps you'd like to get more organized for when the baby comes, so you've been meaning to sort your parent's clothes by season. Or maybe your parent has been asking you to find their beloved photo album, but you haven't had the time to dig it out of the attic.

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