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Does Your Spouse Have Serious Memory Loss?

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If your spouse is experiencing serious memory loss, you are probably suffering as much as he or she is. After all, you are probably remembering when you were both young, with life still ahead of you. Maybe jokes like “Getting old is for sissies” ring too true. Maybe the words, “the golden years” have just taken on new meaning as you experience great expenses.  Maybe you already have a plan in place as your spouse is forgetting things more and more. Read More»

At-Home Senior Care Helps Those Who Have No Children

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You and your romantic partner decided years ago that you weren’t going to have children and you’ve had a great life together, exploring the world and doing things you wouldn’t have imagined possible. However, your partner has just passed away and you’re feeling very lonely without them in your senior years. Thankfully, at-home senior care can help you get the social interaction that you need. How Senior Isolation Happens Read More»