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Home Health Care Supplies For Your Overweight Parent With Diabetes

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If you are struggling to care at home for your diabetic parent who is overweight, there are many items that you can purchase to make the care that you offer safer for both you and your parent. Follow these tips for buying health care supplies to help your parent live with you as long as possible at home:

Bariatric Hospital Commode 

If your parent's diabetes causes them to need to use the bathroom during the night and it is hard for them to get out of bed, then you should get a bariatric hospital commode. This commode can be placed next to your parent's bed and will allow you to help them use the bathroom during the night much easier. This will help eliminate accidents while trying to walk to the bathroom, and will lessen embarrassment as well.

Bariatric Shower Stool

If your parent's diabetes has caused them to have a decrease in the feeling in their feet and legs from neuropathy, then a bariatric shower stool will be a lifesaver during bathing. The bariatric stool will be wider than a regular-size stool and will be very stable for your parent to sit on while in the shower. The stool will have non-slip legs and will prevent your parent from falling in the shower and further injuring themselves.

Bariatric 4-Prong Cane

If your parent needs some help staying stable while walking, then you can get them a special bariatric 4-prong cane. The 4-prong cane has four legs that touch the floor for added stability for walking and rising from a sitting position. This type of cane helps to prevent falls while walking in the house and while out running errands.

Long-Handle Medical Shoehorn 

Finally, if your parent has difficulty bending over to put on their own shoes due to their weight, then you can purchase a long-handled medical shoehorn. To use the shoehorn, your parent puts it into the back of the shoe and uses it to hold the back of the shoe in place while putting their foot into the shoe. 

It is important for your parent to be able to be as independent as possible to retain their dignity while you are caring for them. Simple things like the ability to put on their own shoes will help with this. Additionally, you can also purchase extenders for light switches and buttonhole assistive devices if they have a problem with dexterity. Visit All Stat Home Health if you need help with home help care for your parent.