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Aging In Place Or A Community Home May Be The Best Senior Home Care Choice For Your Parents

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It's a foregone conclusion that your parents will grow old one day and need some type of care. Most people are happy living in their own homes and would like to do so as long as they are alive. That's entirely possible. In fact, elderly people thrive living in their homes, and the consensus of opinion is that efforts should be made to grant seniors the wish to live at home and provide them all the services they need, like senior home care. A new phrase has been coined to describe this trend, and it is called aging in place or aging in community. Aging in place or a community home could be your parents best choice.

Evaluating What Living Arrangement Is Best For Your Elderly Parents

If your aging parents are adamant about remaining in their lifelong home, even if they have some ailments, it's best to evaluate the situation and determine whether their home or your home can meet their need for aging in place. It might be that safety issues in your home or their home is a cause for concern. One of the first things you should think about is whether family members or friends of your parents are living nearby and would respond for emergencies that they might face in the future. You want to make sure that they won't be living in isolation and boredom. Those qualities breed diseases such as depression and a lack of proper nutrition.

Check Out All Safety Issues

Stair climbing could be an issue in your parents present home. If they parents stumble when climbing stairs at home, that should concern you. If they stumble climbing stairs in your home, that rules out their aging in place in either home. So living in a community home may be the best choice, and choosing a ranch-style home puts them on one floor without any stairs to climb. They can purchase a home in a senior community where they can always use their own furniture and live happily thereafter.

Purchasing A New Senior Community Home

Help your parents choose a home that's easily accessible to them. Your parents are aging and possibly will not be able to drive at some point in the future. So readily available transportation is important. Shopping areas should be convenient for them. They will still need entertainment to keep them happy, so venues are important. Close proximity to restaurants are also an asset.

Modern lighting in a new community home is an asset. Hallways can be constructed to allow more space to negotiate should they need to use wheelchairs one day. With modern flooring used in newer homes, your parents will have no fear of facing slippery floors and area rugs, which can send them tripping over and falling to the floor. Above all, remember that neighborhoods go through changes. Check out crime statistics for the neighborhood your parents will be living in.