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What Can A Live-In Home Care Aide Do For A Patient?

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When an individual needs care or supervision around the clock, family members may begin feeling overwhelmed with the task. It is often hard for family members to provide care all day long because they usually have many other obligations. However, family members of the person who needs the home care services can benefit from hiring a live-in home care aid to provide various services.

Offer Help Both Day and Night

The live-in home care aide is available both day and night. Although the aide will need to get rest, this person will get up and take on responsibilities when their patient needs them to do so. It is normal for the family to feel relieved that there is a caretaker available to keep an eye on their loved one while helping with many tasks, such as making food, cleaning around the home, and even changing adult diapers if necessary. If the patient gets up in the middle of the night and needs assistance with getting to the bathroom or doing anything else of importance, the home care aide is available and ready to help.

Complete Essential Daily Tasks

An aide's day-to-day tasks will depend on the patient they are living with because different patients have different needs. While the tasks are different for each aide, these are some of the things that live-in home care aides often do:

  • Take care of laundry to provide clean garments for the patient to wear
  • Prepare food, serve it, and wash the dishes from each meal
  • Remind the patient to take specific medication that a physician prescribed to them
  • Take the patient to different appointments and other places, including the grocery store
  • Help the patient with bathing, changing of adult diapers, and getting into comfortable clothes

The family of the person receiving care will typically come up with a list of services that they need the caretaker to provide to their loved one in advance.

Become a Trustworthy and Reliable Companion

Live-in home care aides offer help both day and night and complete a lot of tasks for their patients each day. However, they also provide companionship. They tend to develop a close, strong bond with the patient who trusts them and knows they are there to provide the greatest level of care.

Live-in home care aides can do many helpful things for their patients. Anyone who has a disabled loved one who could benefit from home care services might want to consider trying the 24-hour live-in home care services with a skilled and professional caretaker.

Reach out to a local live-in home care aide to learn more.