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Guide To Creating A Dementia Friendly Bathroom

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If you are providing care with a loved one who suffers from dementia, it may be necessary to make changes around the home to protect your loved one. For example, is your bathroom safe and dementia friendly? You have to understand that dementia is a rough condition that can cause your loved one to become forgetful or be unsure of how things work. In some ways, a making a bathroom dementia friendly is a lot like making it child friendly. Read More»

Pregnant And Caring For An Elderly Parent? How Assisted Living Services Can Help

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Caring for an aging parent can be an extraordinary task, but add in the pregnancy of the caretaker and the task has just become a monumental struggle. If you’re currently pregnant while also caring for your parent full-time, consider bringing in a home health aide to help out. If you need convincing, consider the three reasons below. 1. Home Health Aides Can Do the Heavy Lifting When you’re caring for a bed-bound or wheelchair-bound loved one, there’s no doubt a lot of heavy lifting is involved. Read More»

Aging In Place Or A Community Home May Be The Best Senior Home Care Choice For Your Parents

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It’s a foregone conclusion that your parents will grow old one day and need some type of care. Most people are happy living in their own homes and would like to do so as long as they are alive. That’s entirely possible. In fact, elderly people thrive living in their homes, and the consensus of opinion is that efforts should be made to grant seniors the wish to live at home and provide them all the services they need, like senior home care. Read More»

Three Subjects To Cover When You're Interviewing A Home Health Nurse

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Arranging for a licensed home health nurse to pay visits to your elderly parent takes a significant burden off your shoulders if you’ve been traveling to the parent’s home to administer care. Home health nurses are qualified to provide care in a number of different ways, meaning that your loved one will be well looked after. When you’re ready to hire this health professional, it’s beneficial to contact a local home health care agency and arrange an appointment in which you can speak to several aides and conduct short interviews. Read More»