Recovering In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Going Mobile—Helping Seniors Stay On The Move

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As your parents age, you may begin to notice that they are having difficulty walking, even in their own homes. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for some elderly people to resist getting medical equipment that could help them get around. In some cases, it might be pride and an unwillingness to accept the fact that they are aging. For other seniors, it may simply be a perceived or actual lack of funds. That is why the purchase of a mobility aid for your parent may end up falling on your shoulders. Read More»

Beyond The Basics: 3 Services To Consider When Choosing In-Home Care

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There are many options available when your loved one needs in-home care for short-term recovery or continuing care. Consider advanced services beyond personal care and routine medical services when making your decision. Targeted Care In-home care is more than basic medication or personal hygiene needs, a targeted approach can improve the level of care your loved one receives. Many in-home care agencies have different teams of professionals depending on the short or long-term needs of their clients. Read More»